Try out LaTeX

Here we go: E=mc^2

I believe the above is using MathJax-LaTeX.

I believe what follows uses Jetpack.

Try it 2x-3y=8      \frac{a}{x+y}

Try out LATEX *2*


I believe what follows uses Jetpack.

Try it 2x-3y=8      \frac{a}{x+y}

Feb. 25 post

Today’s page.

It’s going to be an awesome Monday!

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another sample post

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by Jim (Roger) Olsen

student understanding of the function concept, educational uses of technology, student understanding of fractions, decimals, and percents, and problem solving. vita

Personal Information

I consider myself a Christian, family member, teacher, athlete, and scholar.  I believe that children and students, Pre-K through graduate school, are important (see Children Are ABC’s) and represent our future. I enjoy living in Macomb (past weather:Wunder or NOAA) and being part of the Wesley UMC family. I vacation at Lake Okoboji (water levels) in Iowa. Information about my wonderful family is below. In summer 2007 I went to Germany with my family. We went to Berlin. It was a moving experience for me to be there with the Berlin Wall down and able to walk under the Brandenberg Gate. Im involved withAcademic Year in America, a foreign exchange agency. More links of interest: Happiness Coin, Three Things, I Understand, Let’s Go video, Sung Graces. More of my off-campus interests are listed below. names form men’s ministry form teachersform database of resources form


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