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Here’s a blockquote  (I have changed the font for a blockquote using the Easy Google Fonts plugin)

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.
    Worship the Lord with gladness;
    come before him with joyful songs.

The following line (of HTML code) uses a unicode to display a special character (or emoji)

I will display ✝

Line 1 Here (nothing special)

This should be pushed in. Achieved with padding-left: 30px

This should be pushed in. Achieved with margin-left: 30px

  1. I want a numbered list that is pushed in some more. The KEY command is <ol style=”margin-left: 60px;”>.
  2. Note that if you use ‘padding left’ in a li then it ‘happens/occurs’ after the number –probably not what you want.
  3. This line has no ‘padding left’

To conclude

copy this code

  1. numbered list

Here is a PDF version of a google doc.

Wesley plan here

Normal Heading 1

normal paragraph

  • a
  • bb
  • c23

Powerpoint Improving Geometry in the Classroom

Heading 1 at 250%

This paragraph is at 75%.

This is a heading in a div element

This is some text in a div element.

Trying out new DIV

Try out side-by-side DIVs

Left DIV

  • a
  • bb
  • c23
Right DIV

Trying out with p tag-Arial


Times New Roman



Lucida Bright

I believe what follows uses Jetpack.

Try it 2x-3y=8      \frac{a}{x+y}